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"Flute Songs for a Blue Moon"

This album is a magical  journey of sound and spirit. Wonderfully melodic flute compositions are  interweaved with sounds of nature. Majestic... Magical... Relaxing and  Healing.

"In The Spirit"

Masterfully mixed with natural  sound elements, acoustic guitar and harp, "IN THE SPIRIT" evokes images of  a warrior's spirit from long ago past. Each track is a powerful journey  into the world of Native flute music and the spirit of the American Indian  flute......Soothing, Relaxing, Spiritual, Transcendental & Meditative!


“Shadowland Flute Songs” fills the night with the mystic sounds from a  dream. It is the cry for a vision. It is the sound of the raven dancing  across the sky. It is the spirit, and the strength in the voice of the  bear. It is the hummingbird on the wing. It is the feeling of the ghosts  in the darkness and the echoing voices that surround us. It is the cry of  war and the song of peace. It is the time when light is turning to  darkness.

"WindSong's Lullaby"

The Native American  flute trilogy by John De Boer  (Spirit of Thunder) includes: “Flute Songs  for a Blue Moon,” “In the Spirit,” and “Shadowland.” Together, the three  works capture both the external and internal landscapes in every mood,  ranging from the joyous, flitting dance of the dragonfly on a sunny day to  the dark, contemplative rumble of the bear at twilight. The stories that  accompany the music for the trilogy can be found in the book, The  Storytellers Flute, also by John De Boer.

John De Boer’s flute melodies are absolutely haunting on these recordings,  taking you on a journey to another realm, and another time. His music is  played from his heart, and when you hear his songs you can tell they were  born from deep within his soul. 

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From "Flute Songs for a Blue Moon" :

1.   Moon Maidens
2.   Night Eagle  Singing
3.   Kokopelli's Water Dance
4.   The Wind
5.   The Falls
6.   Thunder  Spirit
7.   Running  Deer
8.   Eagles Cry
9.   Whispering  White Dove
10. The Whistling  Winter Wind


From "In the Spirit" :

1.   The Creators  Voice
2.   Maid in  the Mist
3.   Loons in the  Moonlight
4.   Mourning  Dove
5.   Stars in the  Sky
6.   Island of  Ocracoke
7.   Amazing  Grace - Taps
8.   Dance of  the Kachina Dolls
9.   Lonely (crow)
10. Dragonfly  Dance
11. The Journey  Home


From "Shadowland" :

1.   Thunder’s Honoring Song (for Starlite)
2.   Cry for a Vision
3.   Wanagi (Ghost)
4.   Spirit of the Bear
5.   Echo Voices
6.   Hummingbird
7.   Dream Catcher
8.   Sky Dancer
9.   War Cry
10. Song of Peace


The Storyteller's Flute (A Trilogy)


by John DeBoer, Susan Nelson  
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A must read for People who love Flutes






Editorial R


"Wonderful...innovative approach to the love flute...I love it !!"

Albert Reeves, North American CD Review, April 2002

"Lovely melodic and rich tone...wonderful compositions... "

Dan Hendrickson, KLPP Radio, May 2002

"A magical journey ... this music is really healing in it's quality of spirit..."

 Tammy LeRio, Time & Space Magazine, May 2002


Reviews from Fans

"John really knows how to make his flute sing, and what beautiful music it is. I will be enjoying this CD for a long long time. His music really has a very calming effect, Love it."


"An absolutely wonderful CD.....I will tell everyone that I know about this incredible musician. He takes Native American flute to a whole new level....Fantastic."


"Love this CD! Its as simple as that. I listen to it during my 2 hour commute through Los Angeles....and don't know how I ever did it before getting this wonderful recording."


"If you like the sounds of Carlos Nakai or Douglas Spotted Eagle.....then this one is for you! I actually had become a bit "bored" with Native American Flute Music in the past year....seems like everyone was doing the same old thing.....then I found John De Boer! Very very fresh.....but still cemented in tradition..... A GREAT CD!"


"I have purchased this cd and really LOVE IT !!! It is so relaxing and healing...I listen to it everyday on my way home from work.....I think that EVERYONE should be required to listen to this music if they are commuting !! Ha Ha....LOL !!!! Thanks John...I look forward to more of your wonderful music in the future...a devoted fan !!!"


"I was searching for meditative type of music to use in my massage sessions, I am a massage therapist, and came across John De Boer...I was immediately impressed with his soul searching sound...relaxing and moving...I have been using his music for a while now when working on my clients, and have found that their enjoyment level definitely has increased with this wonderful music playing in the background!! Thank You John !!!"


"I really have enjoyed this cd !! It takes you on a "TRIP" that is relaxing and very very meditative !!! I am getting married soon and am considering using this music for our ceremony !! I am really overwhelmed with this recording !!"



John De Boer -Flute Songs For A Blue Moon The Debut Recordings By Acclaimed Flutist John DeBoer. John De Boer (Spirit of Thunder) has been a professional musician for over 20 years. A multi-talented composer and entertainer, John has been performing on stage and national television since he was four years old. He holds a degree in fine arts and is a certified music teacher. Still, John mostly plays "by ear", believing that music theory and sheet music are a mere guide, a "road map" to assist a person in finding the music which resides inside of each of our souls. " Music is not just something that he does… music is everything that he is.... " John De Boer has played with or fronted for many well known artists such as Chubby Checker, The Crystals, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Henry Lee Summers, Johnny Paycheck, Lou Cristie, Billy Joe Royal, John Anderson, Merle Hagert, and many more. John's original flute songs are composed and inspired while playing in natural surroundings by waterfalls or a river. The Native American flute sings and echoes in the valleys while the birds whisper melodies in the wind as the magic flutes plays, taking the listener on a journey of magical explorations with the Native American Flute. John De Boer's music is played from his heart, and when you hear his songs you can tell they were born from deep within his soul. John De Boer (Spirit of Thunder) Flute Songs for a Blue Moon.